• Waiting for the train, Maputo train station

    Portraits in Mozambique and Swaziland

    In June 2015 I had the opportunity to visit Mozambique and Swaziland. While I was impressed by the wildlife and the breathtaking landscapes it was foremost the people that conquered my heart. Taking this series of portraits led me to an entirely new experience, a sort of collaboration with the subject. Read more…

  • A single spotted cloud suddenly hung over the city

    The Virtual You (in a me-world)

    In this ongoing series of photographs a small piece of jewelry, a pendant in the shape of a doll to be exact, becomes a surrogate for the human figure. The object and its environment are staged in a really small world in my studio. Read more…

  • A cold touch on the inquiring skin

    Transitions Later Before

    In this series of photographs I am interested in the intersection of the real world and illusion. I am photographing people in situations where their communication worlds have become virtual experiences, where only a fine line separates the real from the surreal. Read more…

  • The Book of Sand, without beginning - without end

    Infinity and Dreams


    This series of photographs is inspired by the short stories in Collected Fictions by the Argentine writer Jorge Louis Borges. If it is true that we are moving towards a new epoch where the borders of time and space are eliminated, where we are living in a perpetual instant moment and in infinite space, then my photographs are at the threshold of this new era. Read more…

  • The armillary rises quietly from the depths of the universe
  • It was strange - the leeks tried to grow upside down copy
  • You birds, you are following the blind, too copy
  • The King, of course, remained motionless
  • You said it was midnight at the end of the spectrum
  • He was perplexed, they were 8297 nanoseconds too late
  • Nobody knew exactly when the masked ball had turned dangerous
  • A million and one years to the end of knowledge