Infinity and Dreams

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This series of photographs is inspired by the short stories in Collected Fictions by the Argentine writer Jorge Louis Borges. If it is true that we are moving towards a new epoch where the borders of time and space are eliminated, where we are living in a perpetual instant moment and in infinite space, then my photographs are at the threshold of this new era.

The question of the meaning and experience of Time has always been central to me. Researching this topic has led me to the much admired Argentine poet and writer, Jorge Luis Borges.  His enigmatic fictions have inspired my current work where I explore visually the concepts of time and the infinite moment as it pertains to dreams or different forms of reality. The characters in my photographs – as in Borges’ fictions – represent the human experience; they are independent of space-time and connect the past, present and future in unexpected ways. As Renaissance figures my characters mark the rediscovery of ancient wisdom and are at the beginning of modern science and its evolution towards always new horizons.

Photography itself, a product of the scientific process, has evolved into exciting new frontiers to give the artist innovative forms of expressions. In my work the camera is no longer directed at one single object in a single moment but explores multiples of space and time merging into a new visual landscape.

A copy of my book entitled Infinity & Dreams, which comprises this series and the series Ad Infinitum, is part of the permanent collection at the Mattatuck Museum in Waterbury, CT and is available at