In the beginning, at the end, I was born into a circle – a circle that evolves into an infinitely expanding spiral. I draw ideas from different horizons, bringing them together, and making them part of my storytelling. My photographs are conceived from a passionate process that starts with a simple idea and develops as an abstract concept – both visually and reflective. Their essence is multifold. I derive great joy from poetry, utilizing it as part of my expression both in the visual image and in the titles for my photographs. The image – in its evolutionary phase – takes on a meandering or labyrinthine quality, inviting the mind’s eye to play with various image combinations, often for days until it happens. There is something mysterious that occurs when a picture is born. It is a multi-level experience where my camera is no longer directed at one single object in a single moment but explores multiples of space and time merging into a new visual landscape.